Is Tuxedo a Good Lift?


If you're looking for a car lift for your garage, you might want to consider, Mechanic Superstore ideas the Tuxedo 2-post lift. The design of this lift allows it to fit easily into a smaller garage and is simple to install. It requires four inches of concrete and can be easily assembled by two people.


If you're looking for a two-post asymmetrical stair lift, the TP10KAC-D from Tuxedo Lifts is a good choice. This lift has direct drive pull cylinders and heavy-duty Bi-Symmetric(tm) arms. It's also ALI-certified and comes with a gold sticker.

The Tuxedo TP10KAC-D is rated at 10,000 pounds. It employs an industry-leading direct-drive cylinder design to pull your car upwards instead of pushing it. Because of its innovative design, this lift features a long, durable lifespan. It can lift any type of vehicle. The lift's clear-floor design means that it won't damage the floor.

If you want a 2 post lift that can lift vehicles with low-profiles, the TP10KAC-D is arguably the best option. This lift is designed to work with all kinds of vehicles, including vans and pickup trucks. With 15,000 pounds of lifting power, it's enough to lift a dump truck. It's also available with Low-Profile Adjustable Swivel Pads.

Another model from BendPak is the XPR-12CL-LTA. It has a low-profile design and a dual-synchro equalization system. This lift is a good choice for a shop with high ceilings. Moreover, it's easy to set up and use.


The Tuxedo TP9KAC-TUX is an economy designed, 9,000-pound capacity two-post lift. It features dual point carriage lock releases, asymmetric swingarms, low-profile 4" lifting pads, and a durable powder-coat finish.