Why Aren’t You Ranking With Google My Business SEO?


If you're not ranking in Google searches, there are a couple of reasons why. First, your Google My Business listing might not be optimized. Make sure to include keywords in the profile and the title of the listing. Affordable SEO LLC site, be sure to use the rel-canonical tag and include multiple phone numbers. This will help improve your Google ranking.

Unoptimized Google My Business listing

A well-optimized Google My Business listing provides targeted exposure to potential customers. This visibility is free of charge, and it will help your website rank higher in local searches. It will also allow potential customers to find you and engage with you. The process of optimizing your listing is easy and will increase your visibility.

A well-optimized Google My Business listing contains primary keywords, which can influence your Google Maps ranking and connect you to the right audience. These keywords also encourage search engine bots to rank you for relevant searches. An optimized Google My Business listing contains a variety of other citations, including photos, business information, and ratings. Using quality pictures will boost your business's visibility in local search results and boost engagement.

Using multiple phone numbers

Businesses that do Google My Business SEO may want to consider using multiple phone numbers to provide more information. For example, a brokerage may have multiple locations and require a unique phone number for each one. This will allow users to call different departments, such as a help center or customer support line. Additionally, multiple phone numbers will help ensure that the same information is displayed across platforms.

If you use CallRail, you can add multiple phone numbers to your Google My Business listing and Bing Places listings. This can help you maintain consistency across the web while still preserving your SEO. For best results, you should have a primary tracking number and an additional number listed on your website. This is important because search engines can link these two numbers to your business, and this will help with NAP consistency.

Including keywords in profile

When doing Google My Business SEO, one of the best practices to follow is including your business's keywords in your profile. These keywords should be relevant to your business and convey the type of information you want to be found by people. Google uses a variety of signals to serve up the most relevant search results to users.

When setting up your Google My Business profile, you should provide details such as your business's name, website, business hours, and contact information. You can even choose to customize these details for special events or business hours.

The first place to include keywords in your profile is the business description. Your description should include your business name and location, as well as relevant keywords. Avoid overusing keywords, however, and instead describe your business's specialties and services. Use relevant keywords in a natural way, so that people can relate to your product or service.

Using rel=canonical tag

The canonical tag should be used in conjunction with the URL in Google's Search Console. This tag specifies the canonical URL, ensuring that duplicate pages do not get indexed. There are a few important things to remember when using this tag, however.

The first thing to remember is that the canonical URL must match the content on the page. That includes images and embedded videos. However, the headline does not need to match the canonical URL. This is because the headline helps link within the content. In addition, site branding does not need to match the canonical URL.

The second thing to remember when using the canonical tag when doing Google My Business SEO is to ensure that the page is not duplicated. This way, Googlebot will not waste its crawl budget on duplicate content, which may result in important pages not getting indexed.

Including photos

When doing Google My Business local SEO in Riverside CA, you'll want to include several high-quality images of your company, products, and services. These images will be displayed next to your business name when someone types in your name in a search. Photos should be optimized for size, lighting, and filters. Also, make sure that your photos follow the Google Photo & Video Guidelines, or they may be removed from the page.

Using images on your Google My Business listing is an excellent way to capture the feel of the place you are trying to portray. They can help potential customers recognize your location from the outside, which can lead to interest in your products and services. They can also show the amenities of your establishment. However, if the pictures are old or distorted, they can harm your listing.